License terms for brass ensemble music published by Sonology Music

The Purchaser is defined as one who buys music from Sonology Music for use in his/her individual brass ensemble program.

  1. Sonology Music retains all copyrights, domestic and international, to the Sonology Music piece, including rights to license sheet music and to administer mechanical and recording licenses.
  2. Sonology Music group licensing grants permission for Purchaser to make copies of each Sonology Music title purchased except where otherwise indicated in the copyright notice. The number of copies permitted appears in the copyright notice on the first page of each individual part.
  3. Purchaser agrees to make copies for use in his/her brass ensemble program ONLY. Transference, loan, or resale of Sonology Music publications to individuals or organizations outside of Purchaser’s brass ensemble program is a violation of the licensing agreement and subject to prosecution. (A copy of the licensing agreement must be kept with the full score.)
  4. Purchaser may use the Sonology Music title indefinitely in his/her individual brass ensemble program. However, Sonology Music reserves the right to put any Sonology Music title out of print at any time.
  5. Replacement copies to replace lost music or music damaged through normal use may be made by Purchaser at any time, not to exceed the total number of copies indicated in the copyright notice of each piece. Replacement originals are available only through purchase from Sonology Music.
  6. By purchasing music from Sonology Music, Purchaser automatically agrees to this licensing agreement in its entirety.


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