CARILLON - Kevin McChesney - 3-5 octave handbells with optional handbell tree or C instrument - Level IV

Mixed meter is often flashy and quick, but it can also be flowing and lovely as illustrated by this original work by Kevin McChesney. The patterns are not hard to learn and are quite repetitious. The piece may be performed with 3-5 octaves of handbells alone or for an added dimension use a handbell tree or C instrument. An intimate moment in worship or concert.

About This

Category: Handbell Choir (reproducible master score)

Season / Occasion: General Worship, Contemporary Worship, Weddings, Original

Type of group: Community/Professional, School, Church

Composer / Arranger: Kevin McChesney

Publisher: Sonology Music

Handbell Choir: Difficulty: Level IV

Handbell Choir: Octaves: 3-5 Octaves

Handbells and: Other Instrument(s)