CARILLON ON SIMPLE GIFTS - SIMPLE GIFTS, arranged by Danny Lyons for Handbell Solo or Ensemble

Presented in two different keys depending on the needs of the performer(s), Carillon on Simple Gifts is a showcase piece for solo 8-in-hand or bell tree, for duet or trio using 4-in-hand techniques, or quartet with 2 bells per ringer. With ample 8th notes and a 12/8 section, and intended to be played LV, this arrangement brings a true carillon feeling to the popular tune SIMPLE GIFTS.

About This

Category: Handbell Solo / Ensemble

Season / Occasion: General Worship, Folk/Secular

Type of group: Church, Community/Professional, School

Composer / Arranger: Danny Lyons

Publisher: STEP - The Solo To Ensemble Project

Solo / Ensemble Performers: Handbell Solo, Handbell Duet, Handbell Trio, Handbell Quartet, Handbell Tree, 8 Handbells (or fewer)

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