FUM, FUM, FUM - Traditional Catalan Carol/arr. DWMorgan - brass quintet - Level 4

This is an allegro, Level 4 arrangement for an Advent or Christmas brass quintet musical offering. This arrangement is in 2/4 with a trumpet countermelody and rests added for musical effect. The 1st trumpet written to a B (A concert) above the staff and the horn to a written G (concert C) on top of the staff should present the only range challenges. (Due to the horn range, there is a trumpet substitute, not a trombone substitute for this part.) All other technical challenges are within the Level 4 performers’ capabilities. The arrangement is in A minor and is accessible to worship, school or community groups. Have fun!

About This

Category: Brass

Season / Occasion: Advent/Christmas

Type of group: Church, Community/Professional, School

Composer / Arranger: DWMorgan

Publisher: DWMorgan Music

Brass Performers: Brass Quintet

Brass: Difficulty: Level IV