GRAND CHOEUR DIALOGUE - Eugene Gigout/transc. Kevin McChesney - 3-7 oct handbells, brass quartet/quintet or organ, optional timpani and cymbal - Level IV

A powerful standard from the organ repertoire is here expanded, making a stirring selection for worship, concert, and festivals. The organ part and corresponding brass parts are not easy, true to the original, but the work from ringers and instrumentalists is well worth the effort! This is majestic, powerful music. The 3 oct option is written as a separate part to accomodate reading, but is fully compatible with the 4-7 oct version. For an added dimension in festivals, use the Choir I and II options to create an antiphonal sound among the bell choirs. Or bells omit Choir II to create the dialogue of the title with the organ/brass. 3 oct and 4-7 oct versions are compatible.

About This

Category: Orchestrations

Season / Occasion: General Worship, Festival

Type of group: Community/Professional, School, Church

Composer / Arranger: Kevin McChesney

Publisher: Sonology Music

Handbell Choir: Difficulty: Level IV

Handbell Choir: Octaves: 3-5 Octaves, 4-5 Octaves, 5+ Octaves, 3 Octaves

Handbells and: Brass, Keyboard