III. "SONG OF THE BLACKSMITH" (FROM THE SECOND SUITE IN F) - Gustav Holst/trans. Scott Pfitzinger - 4-5 octaves handbells - Level IV

A short, quick, slightly dissonant piece that featured an actual anvil in the original version. A C8 substitutes, but any metallic anvil sound can be used if necessary. It's a big crescendo that ends with a most triumphant Picardy third.

One of Gustav Holst's most famous compositions, the Second Suite in F for Military Band is a staple of college and high school symphonic bands. This transcription carefully re-creates the sounds, colors, textures, and moods of the original using only bells and optional chimes, with no other instruments. Each movement is a gem, and together they are a real treasure, sure to please any audience.

About This

Category: Handbell Choir

Season / Occasion: Classical

Type of group: Community/Professional, School

Composer / Arranger: Scott Pfitzinger

Publisher: Tinnio Ergo Sum Press

Handbell Choir: Difficulty: Level IV

Handbell Choir: Octaves: 4-5 Octaves

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