SHANAH TOVAH - Julie Turner - 3-5 octaves handbells - Level I+

Ring in the New Year with an original piece from Julie Turner that can be learned in just one rehearsal! “Shanah Tovah” (“Have a good year”) has an old Hebrew folk song flavor with an upbeat tempo and is built on a simple A-B-A-B-A format which plays straight through from beginning to end. It’s a Level 1+ with hardly any bell changes, no rhythms shorter than a quarter note, and is full of fun techniques such as echo rings, marts, thumb damps, a couple of LVs, and a shake at the end.  This is a great way to transition from all of the wonderful Advent and Christmas pieces into the Ordinary season of the Christian year.

About This

Category: Handbell Choir

Season / Occasion: General Worship, Original

Type of group: Church, Community/Professional, School

Composer / Arranger: Julie Turner

Publisher: Sonology Music

Handbell Choir: Difficulty: Level I

Handbell Choir: Octaves: 3-5 Octaves

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