License Terms

When you purchase music from Sonology, what you're essentially paying for is the right to make (by printing and/or photocopying) a certain amount of copies of the music we publish/distribute. To fit the needs of our customers, we offer a variety of licenses for the different kinds of pieces we sell, as well as for the different situations you may be in (director of a group, individual ringer going to a festival, etc.). When you purchase a piece, your file download will include the music as well as a title page and license page that grants you the right to print/make copies within specified limits, for your own use or use within your program, as detailed in the specific license agreement. It is illegal to make copies without purchasing the file (and thus the license) or in excess of what the license agreement allows. Plain-text versions of the various licensing agreements are provided on the pages linked below, to help you decide which license is right for you.


More About License Terms