This product provides a way for you to purchase the right to include Sonology Music/STEP titles on CDs being produced and sold (see Related Products below for Synchronization License products, if you are producing DVDs).

The invoice you receive upon completion of the order will serve as your "proof" of that right. The cost is $0.091 per title per disc for pieces shorter than 5 minutes (for pieces longer than 5 minutes, see Related Products below).


Please update the quantity in your cart according to this formula:

[# of Sonology+STEP copyrighted titles per disc] x [# of discs being produced]

Please also note the name of the piece(s) and the composer/arranger(s), as well as the number of titles per disc and the number of discs produced, in the "Order Comments" box when you check out... that your invoice will show all of the necessary information to serve as "proof" of your right to use these titles on your CD.


Sonology does not retain the copyrights for publishers (like SoundForth Music and TES Press) where we are simply distributing their material. This license only covers Sonology/STEP copyrighted titles. For other publishers' titles, contact the appropriate publisher for mechanical licensing rights.

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