Composers: Submit/Update Contact Information

Composers – for us to keep up to date with you, it would help if you could send any changes to your contact information. To facilitate this, please use the form below.

Note: we send annual royalty checks only for sums of $20 or greater. If your pieces have accumulated less than that amount in royalties, we will roll it over to the next year, until your total comes to at least $20. If your total is being rolled over, you will receive an email to that effect, detailing the amount being rolled over (unless you have not provided us with your email address).

If you would prefer to receive your royalties electronically through PayPal, let us know in the form below. If you choose this option, you will be paid annually regardless of whether or not you meet the $20 threshold.

Payment Preference(required)

Would you be interested in electronic payment if it was through a platform other than PayPal?

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