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Ringing Deeply

Thoughtful, insightful, and inspirational, these devotions by Brian Childers will inspire handbell musicians to deeper, more meaningful ringing and living. This book is a great gift or keepsake for ringers and bell directors.

Playing My Heart Out

Part-memoir and part-love letter, Playing My Heart Out is a lighthearted, intimate look at the world of handbells and the ringers who geek out over them. From the first meet-cute story of the unlikely way the author discovered this unique art to the satisfying to-be-continued conclusion, Hillary Marotta shares funny and heart-tugging stories of the adventures and emotions handbells have led her through, and the life lessons she’s learned along the way.

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If you intend to SELL your recording…

We offer products to allow you to easily purchase the rights to use Sonology Music/STEP titles on media (CDs/DVDs) that you intend to produce and sell.

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Please send us an email or fill out the “Contact Us” form indicating the title(s) you’d like to stream/post. Most of the time, we’ll just grant you permission and tell you what credit you need to list with your video, no fee involved, but in some cases we’ll need to point you to the original copyright holder if we are licensing the specific arrangement and don’t have the authority to grant streaming permission.

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