Appalachian Rhapsody (3-5 octaves handbells)


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APPALACHIAN RHAPSODY by Dillon Ekle (Based on the tunes SALVATION (R. Boyd) and TENDER THOUGHT (A. Davisson), from the Kentucky Harmony (1816)) for 3-5 Octaves Handbells and Optional 2 Octaves Handchimes – Level III+

Appalachian Rhapsody weaves two lesser-known tunes from the early American hymnal “Kentucky Harmony” into an exciting and rhythmic journey through Appalachia. From the fugue-like polyphonic passages, to the accented punctuations of mallets and martellati, to the lush chords across the range of the instrument, this piece employs the orchestral qualities of handbells with energy and drive.






Handbell Choir: Octaves

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Handbells: Additional Instrumentation


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