As One (3-7 octaves handbells)


“As One” by Matthew Compton for 3-7 Octaves Handbells and 3-5 Octaves Handchimes (Level III+)

In a world where things can feel so divisive and it’s easy to feel isolated, sometimes it just takes another voice or person to bring us back to normal. “As One” was written as a musical reflection of the silence and solitude at the start of the 2020 pandemic. From single moving notes coming together into a chord, reflecting individual voices begging for community, to moments of tension, deafening silence, and eventually joy, it is Matthew’s hope that the music you hear will allow you a chance to reflect on your own experiences and to consider how the voice of one person can come together with others to share a message of hope, love, and comfort to people you know and love, to a stranger, or even a moment to come to your own peace.

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