Nexus (5-8 octaves handbells)


NEXUS by Matthew Compton for 5-8 Octaves Handbells, 3-7 Octaves Handchimes, and 3 Octaves Silver Melody Bells, Level V

Commissioned by the Pikes Peak Ringers, Atlanta Concert Ringers, and Forté Handbell Quartet and premiered as a surprise to honor Kevin McChesney at his final concert as conductor of the Pikes Peak Ringers, Nexus is a fiery original composition by Matthew Compton that will captivate both ringers and audiences from start to finish. It features 5+ octaves of handbells as well as chimes and Silver Melody Bells (or some other contrasting texture), syncopation and mixed meters, and engaging melodic lines, and is a sure winner in any concert lineup.

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Handbell Choir: Octaves

Handbell Choir: Difficulty

Handbells: Additional Instrumentation



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