This Is My Father’s World (3 octaves handbells)


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THIS IS MY FATHER’S WORLD – TERRA BEATA, arranged by Linda Scholes for 3 octaves handbells – Level III-

With a tune originally based on an English folk tune, “This Is My Father’s World” celebrates all of creation and its praise of the creator. Linda Scholes takes this popular hymn, also known as “Music of the Spheres,” and places it into a 3/4 meter, adding a gentle bounce. The final chorus expands into a broad 4/4 before finishing with a return to the lighter feel. With no bell changes and options for 2.5 or 3 octaves, this piece is perfect for any moment of praise when you have less than a full choir of ringers.





Handbell Choir: Octaves


Handbell Choir: Difficulty


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