Trinity (3-5 octaves handbells)


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TRINITY by Benjamin Eakin for 3-5 Octaves Handbells – Level III (Mvmt. I) / Level III- (Mvmt. II) / Level IV- (Mvmt. III)

This piece illustrates the diverse, mysterious, and powerful facets of the Holy Trinity as well as how our existence in the universe is in itself a miracle, full of beauty, passion, and music.

I. The Holy Ghost
The first movement begins like a flowing river, building with suspense, the undercurrents hypnotic and enticing. It is a graceful dance from holy meditation to waltz and back again. It illustrates the sacred fluidity of the Holy Spirit as it flows through all of us. What begins as a contemplative mantra, morphs into excitement and then returns once more to serenity.

II. The Son
The second movement is a proclamation, a zealous announcement of good news. It hails the coming of salvation, declaring hope in the midst of a hopeless world. With the revelation of a bright future, also comes a sense of positive urgency, in order to prepare the way for the coming Savior.

III. The Father
The third movement is a musical and visual display of pure passion, fire and glory. The syncopated rhythms on top of the driving force of the bass bells illustrates the energy and grandeur of the Almighty. With every part in the bell choir moving with precision, the ensemble finishes this three-part dance with a vivid conclusion. We are all parts of the Creator’s well-oiled, intricate, and beautiful machine, and we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.






Handbell Choir: Octaves

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